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Team Mix: CFO + 2 Analysts

Client Request


Banking Problems

The ownership’s trusted advisor referred us to help the existing finance team. The client was recently transferred to its bank’s Special Asset Group (SAG).


Assess Alternatives

We immediately opened communication lines with SAG and kept them informed throughout the transition. Concurrently developed a bank RFP and submitted to regional banks.  The RFP was based on a rapidly developed proforma that synthesized the client’s new business model and provided guidance for the client and the banking prospects. 


Action & Implementation

We acted as focal with lenders’ requests to allow key employees to focus on their daily responsibilities. Regular internal communication kept the team informed of status which allowed for timely decisions. This culminated in a full banking transition. With the new banking relationship in place, the banking responsibility transitioned back to the employees.



Transitioned banking (treasury and credit) relationship in fewer than 120 days

Developed proforma for new business model providing new analytics of the operations

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