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Team Mix:  CFO + Analyst + Accountant

Banker Referral


We were referred to the client by their banker.  The banker was concerned that the rapid growth was not supported by a plan or key management.  Adding to the situation, the client is a multi generation owned and operated business .


Planning & Implementation

We worked closely with ownership to develop a proforma that forecast working capital needs and profit realization. That knowledge gave us the confidence to seek a new banking relationship that would meet the business’ extra working capital need. We assumed contact with all professionals as the primary external focal. We also worked with the M&A team, led an IT upgrade and overhaul, published financials and provided scenario-based analysis as the business grew. 



Balance Sheet: Working Capital improved by 50%, with 157% new borrowing capacity

Bank Restructure: Renegotiated restrictive bank covenants

Income Statement: Net Income doubled in 24 months

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