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Team Mix: CFO On-site

Client Request

Growth Roadblocks

The Corporate CFO requested we join their team. The client was in rapid growth mode, nearing 500%, and at the time had minimal accounting and finance infrastructure.



We assumed the tactile role of developing much of the accounting and finance systems, processes, and tools used by the newly hired teams. This collaboration required rapid communication across all departments and employee tiers (HR, Ops, Accounting, Finance, Senior Management, Owners), all the while testing and implementing in full growth mode. We led the development of the proforma with economic models based on a diverse set of contracts, entity structures, and overhauled the chart of accounts to better serve management reporting.



Sustainable growth achieved

Thrive in dynamic environments

Targeted efforts with tangible results

Collaborative teamwork with remote offices

Not afraid to pivot as the business needs dictate

“Westfall Strategies was able to work closely with the current staff and take individual projects and resolve them. This cleared a substantial weight from operations and allowed the team to focus on the future.”   - Owner

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